Billabong Flats – Australian animal stories

Billabong Flats, the creation of Ria Loader is a mythical place in the Australian Bush. Full color images accompany the first three stories, published by Book View Cafe in November 2020.

It shares space with other imaginary places like the Five Acre Wood, the Peace Rock, and the abode of Ratty and Mole. It is just as real as you’d like it to be – no more, and no less.

The animals dream the world, as much as the world creates them. The Land speaks through them. They welcome all, no matter how different they may be, or what native languages they may speak. When they come together, they can all speak the same, the voices become that of friendship and accord, where all can have adventures together.

June was a busy month, with two books published. August followed on with book 4, making 12 stories with around 15 illustrations per book. It was fun reading out loud, tuning the rhythm of the words. My sister, Colleen M Loader was a brilliant collaborator in getting the final stories read. A big thank you to the BVC team, especially Sherwood Smith and Jennifer Stevenson. These are all eBook’s, with print to follow in a few months. They read well on all mobile devices, including phones.

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